Music is the weapon!

Afrobeats360.com is an online magazine that focuses on the music and entertainment of afrobeats. We present news and entertainment stories about afrobeats, covering the artists, producers and behind-the-scenes personalities that bring the concerts, events and business of the afrobeats genre to life. 

In a world where music is recognized as the food of the soul, our well structured menu delivers a variety¬†of fresh content that can be savored by lovers of afrobeats. The range cuts across interviews, spotlight on mega-stars and up and coming artists, music alerts and features about music industry events. As we highlight the convergence of afrobeats culture with twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, we want you, the lovers of the genre, to drive the conversations. To foster this conversation, we offer 360Forum as a gathering place to discuss the artistes, their aspirations and accomplishments, their virtues and foibles in celebration of our collective humanity. For in truth, what we admire them for, is what we as Africans like about ourselves. And yes, even that which makes us go “ugh”, is in truth our collective admission of how far we still have to travel.

Afrobeats360.com therefore offers a platform that recognizes that our music is a weapon. In the blend of news stories and afrobeats music trends, we wield the weapon responsibly to promote this enduring musical art form, and the talents and creativity it embodies. By documenting the impact of the genre on today’s culture, we seek to provide evidence to posterity that showcase our talents in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti said it best: Music is the weapon!

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