Eldee Speaks On Trump’s Suspension On Twitter

Eldee Speaks On Trump’s Suspension On Twitter 

Sequel to the unfortunate banning of Donald Trump from Twitter, some entertainers seem raged while other appear happy at the sad ending of the reign of the sitting president of the USA.

Recently topping all news platforms is the reaction of the Nigerian singer, Eldee who feels Donald Trump has been cheated by both Twitter and the entire people of United State.

According to Eldee, Twitter nor the owners of other social media platforms has no right whatsoever to take Trump’s right to expression off him.

The rapper stated without recourse to the Permanent feature of social media that, the owners of all social media on which Trump has been banned are all tyrants.


Yes, he said it!

See his words:

“Banning someone from a social media platform simply because you don’t agree with their opinions is a classic demonstration of tyranny.” 


Quite resounding.

However, is his words unquestionable?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Reacting, a few Nigerians stood behind Eldee on this matter but many said the rapper should not have said what he said, at least not after all that Trump did.

Responding to the diverse opinions of fans and followers, the rapper stated these:

Oh yea!?

Wizkid get blasted for what he said months ago, check this out

What do you think about this?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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