“What If I wanted To Die?” Tems To Ugandan Police

As more Nigerians speak up to what would be music’s most outrageous arrest and set-up ever, Nigerians are now fearing for the lives of Tems and Omah Lay. Word on the street is that the arrest was not a fair one and there may be unrequited bad blood from the Ugandan Artists.

It was reported that the concert was widely known in Uganda but led to the arrest of Nigeria’s Next Rated artists, Omah Lay and Tems, because of pressure put on the Government.

While in custody, singer Tems revealed that she had not eaten for roughly 34 hours and doesn’t plan on doing so. “What if I wanted to die”, she said “will you cuff me to this chair and force food down my throat?”. The singer who looked in distress was clearly not having it anymore. See video‚Ź¨

The Ugandan Police earlier revealed that the pair would be in custody until Wednesday.

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Author: Quineth

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