Omah Lay Cries Over Being Treated Like A Killer In Uganda

Omah Lay Cries Over Being Treated Like A Killer In Uganda

Nigerians will not have it if anything happens to one of their promising singer named Omah Lay.

How did Afrobeats360 know this and what led to this resolution from Nigerians?

The entire Nigerian music industry has got an issue to deal with as one of their own is currently in custody in a foreign land.

Recall that news rampage the social media that Nigerian singer, Omah Lay has been arrested for breaking Covid-19 protocols at a show in Uganda.

Guess what?

Omah Lay has cried out for help on social media, saying he and Singer Tems are currently denigrated like they are on the criminal record of the Ugandan Police Force.

Omah Lay claimed that he and his colleague, Tems have been placed in handcuffs by policemen and are being maltreated for reasons unknown to them.

The singer in a deleted tweet said he is being treated like a killer, even if what he was accused of has nothing to do with him as he met the crowd as they were and sang to them.

Lamenting bitterly, the singer wish all could end immediately as he and Tems cannot bear the torture anymore.

See his words:


Really, could there be something unseen about all of these?

Meanwhile, Ugandan police also announced that Omah Lay and the female singer have been charged to court and will remain in custody.

Court, on what ground?

Was the show organized by them?

Shouldn’t the organizers do something about their release immediately?

For other Nigerian singers, should they not step into this too?

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What do you think about this?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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