Cubana Slams DJ Cuppy For Tagging Him On Her Posts

Cubana Slams DJ Cuppy For Tagging Him On Her Posts

To think that Cubana is aware that DJ Cuppy has become a popular singer and the daughter of a billionaire and still lambasted her is so surprising.

The popular socialite, Cubana, acted disgusted towards DJ Cuppy as she kept doing what he called annoying.

According to him, DJ Cuppy would not stop tagging him on her posts for almost 48 hours now and this, is so unreasonable.

In what seem like a “don’t come near me” message, Cubana threw insults at the singer without recourse to her person in the entertainment industry and Nigeria.

The call out happened after DJ Cuppy was said to have graced the club of the popular socialite on Sunday 13th of December, 2020.

See his words:

“@cuppymusic, stop tagging me carelessly, dem send you, Abeg free me, since yesterday till now. You just dey tag me back to back, smh…why so annoying.” 


Isn’t this too harsh?

He could have been more soft on her right?

But wait o, what does the female singer want with him that made her keep tagging him in all her posts?

Familiarity or what?

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What do you think?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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