Simi Backs Up Lady Abused By Husband, See What She Said

Simi Backs Up Lady Abused By Husband, See What She Said

The music empress, Simi, has undoubtedly gotten a lot of fans to herself owing to her ability to decipher what’s wrong or right on any social issues.

Recently slamming the residents of Social media who choose to stay neutral on a matter such as domestic violence, Simi reveals more about herself.

According to her, when a woman abused by a man calls the man out on social media, the abused woman is most probably doing so from a place of fear of being killed.


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Simi’s words are a reaction to the allegation leveled against a journalist who works with Channels TV named, Pius Angbo.

According to reports, the wife of the journalist alleged that he has been physically abusing her for about six years.

This caused a lot of “here and there” on social media as Nigerians tried their possible best to get to the root of the matter before passing any Judgement.

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However, Simi thinks otherwise.

For the singer, Nigerians saying they need to hear from both side before passing a judgement on the man is unacceptable as the woman is disadvantaged.

Simi said on no account should it be thought that coming out to speak up is easy for the woman so should be given good consideration.

Blasting people on Twitter she said:

Alleged human beings responding to a woman (possibly risking her life) calling out horrible physical abuse from her husband saying “I want to hear both sides of the story”. What is wrong with you??? Many women are unsafe in their own homes. “Be patient. “Pray for your husband.” “What of the kids?” So traumatic. Fvcking animals.” 


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What do you think about this?

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