Did Dremo Just Refer To A Top Nigerian Politician As Being On Cheap Drugs?

Artistes and Writers are always in the habit of manipulating words when writing their lyrics.

They tend to piece it together creatively in such a way that it’s more interesting to the listeners and readers.

Out of the many styles they use, the most popular ones are rhyming and punning.

It seems Afro Hip-hop Artiste Dremo was doing the latter when he posted the following words on his tweeter handle.

He wrote “Walai Mohammed is on cheap drugs“.

But what his followers saw was obviously “WaLAI Mohammed is on cheap drugs“.

He was punning, or to put it more clearly he was masking.

It didn’t take long for his teeming followers to unmask what was hidden behind the words.

And this fan was definitely in the spirit.

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This year has been one of the most the dramatic years in recent times, no doubt about that.

From the drastic changes in the world forced by the Corona virus pandemic, to youths taking to the streets to demand for a better life here in Nigeria, and the insurgency in the North intensifying. It has definitely been a year that we will not forget in a hurry even if not it’s not going to leave us pleasant memories.

It’s not surprising to see the mouthpiece of the administration being vilified at a time like this, is it?

After all, it’s he who has to explain the unending dramas at every turn.

But one question that we need to ask is, Did Dremo go too far with these tweet?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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