My Wife And Her Family Wants To Kill Me And Take My Property – Duncan Mighty

My Wife And Her Family Wants To Kill Me And Take My Property – Duncan Mighty 

We have always had stories about the family of music stars being in disarray but that of Duncan Mighty seem to be more serious.

According to reports, Duncan Mighty revealed that he has had enough of his wife named Vivian and her family.

Why is he fed up?

The singer stated that besides his wife’s funny acts, she has confessed that  she and her family were in awe of his numerous properties and they have plotted to kill him to have control over them. 

Giving deep details of the story, Duncan Mighty said:

My wife once called me on a fateful day to praise me and I was very moved to the point of inviting her to one of my sites where I presented her with land documents and other juicy gifts. 

She was pleased and said we should spend the night at one of my other apartments away from the kids which we did. During the night I heard her breathing heavily and that when I asked what was wrong, my wife started to confess. 

The self-acclaimed PH first son said his wife disclosed how she was told to do certain things by a ‘juju man’ which included her cutting his toe and fingernails and bringing to him.

Duncan claimed his wife was unable to do that because some forces started to attack her and made her confess. 


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Wait, that is not all.

Speaking on, the PH first son stated that after she was done confessing, she discovered that he had all she said recorded, hence, left the apartment in anger.

Reacting, he said he picked up his phone to call her mother but met a very angry mother as he was shouted at.


Does he have proof of all these?

Is it even believable to you?

Maybe it will soon as Duncan Mighty said he has proofs and is ready to show it to the world if Vivian and her family dares to deny his claims.

In order for the world to have a balanced story, the singer shared the contacts of his wife and her family members for anybody interested to call them and ask questions.


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This is really serious.

What do you think about this?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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