See Why This Fan Took Offense To Simi’s Support For Adekunle Gold

That The Mobo Awards is back for the first time since 2017 is no longer news, and also, that Adekunkle Gold got his first ever nomination isn’t news either. What then is?

After Adekunle Gold got a Mobo Awards nomination in the best African act group, he was pretty excited.

Posting on social media, he expressed his excitement, referring to being nominated as an honor while also asking for votes.

Normally you’ll expect his love, Simi to congratulate him, and that’s exactly what she did when she posted this tweet.

But Simi didn’t stop there. She continued, playfully asking followers to vote for her hubby.

While asking for votes, she also asked those who are not willing to unfollow her!

However, this fan, a certain Victory James wasn’t having any of it!

She didn’t only fail to see the humor in the post, but went ahead to unfollow the songstress!

She vehemently expressed her reservations to what she interpreted as Simi demanding for votes.

My thoughts? It’s not that serious. Simi was just being a loving and supporting wife to her dear husband.

The Yorubas will say: Ko le toyen, meaning it’s not that serious.

Congratulations to Adekunle on his first-ever Mobo Awards Nomination. We wish him and the other Nigerian nominees all the best.

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