Lil Kesh Reveals Why He Took A Break From Music

Lil Kesh Reveals Why He Took A Break From Music

While fans and followers have been wondering why the young star of YBNL, Lil Kesh has not been dropping any hits lately, the singer has revealed why.

Recently speaking on his break from music, Lil Kesh said that he couldn’t have left music for any other thing if not for something very serious.

What was that serious thing that led to him neglecting music?

According to Lil Kesh, he had a mental health issue that was too grave to juggle along with music.

See his words in entirety:

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To be sincere, I’m going to blame it on bad mental health. So, I normally would not like to share something like this and I would not like to tell anybody the particular cause of my bad mental health but I’ve been there and I know how it feels.”

“I know there are a whole lot of people, especially in a difficult year like 2020, in a dark place. And people don’t talk about it so much.” 

If you are in a dark place at the moment, all those voices in your head are wrong. They are lying to you. One day is gonna come, you’re going to see the light again and you will be worth waiting for.” 

Very true!

But, did the music industry even miss singer Lil Kesh at all?

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We bet yes.

This is because so many fans and followers were so excited when he announced recently that he would be dropping a song soon.

Now that he is back, what are your fantasies about the songs he would drop soon?

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