Remembering Goldie: Tribute To Lifetime, Achievements and Shocking Death

Tribute To Goldie Harvey

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away” – Terry Pratchett

This has never been any more true. Take a look back at stars who have left the Earth but still reverberate through our minds every now and then. Artists like the late Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Dagrin, Majek Fashek, Bob Marley and many more are constant reminders of this fact. Today, we take a look at reality star/singer, Goldie, who lived life to the core and bid goodbye when it willed.

Who was Goldie?

Making her music debut in 2009 with ‘Komole‘, Goldie was ready to take over the music scene. She captivated her audience with her eccentric personality. She was more daring when it came to her fashion choices. As a woman in the early 2000’s this spoke volume.

She earned higher recognition in 2012 with her debut album, Gold. It hit the mainstream hard and songs like Jawo Jawo‘, ‘Don’t Touch My Body’ and ‘You Know It ft. eLDee’ became household sounds.

Goldie won several awards including ‘Best Afropop’ at NMVA, and ‘Best Female Artist’ at the City People Awards.

At that time, the singer started getting comparisons with Hollywood’s Lady Gaga regarding her fashion choices. She never went unnoticed. Her gold hair was an even bolder choice and given that it was in line with her name, it was meant to be.

Along the line, Goldie released a reloaded version to her already successful debut Album. This earned her features with successful artists like Banky W, eLDee and Jaywon.

Reality TV And Controversies

There are people who would describe the late Goldie as a Reality TV star. This is true. Despite her huge music success, the singer saw reason behind going for the 2012 Big Brother Nigeria reality show.

At that time, the reality show has huge controversies surrounding it including being labelled “immoral”. This also got the star entangled in the controversy which got her hate mails.

The reaction was quite polarizing. While some felt Goldie’s personality shone and brought about the best entertainment, others just weren’t into it. Goldie wasn’t one to care about negative comments and critics. She came out with more strength and confidence to do only what Goldie wanted.

In truth, she was a strong one. Losing her mum to cancer at 10, Goldie never let that loss define her. She went on to live her life to the fullest.


It happened suddenly and was just as shocking. Nobody was ready.

Goldie flew 12 hours from the United States, where she attended the Grammys, to Lagos. It was her birthday party. The star was announced dead later that night leaving people shocked as to the cause of her death.

She was confirmed dead at the Reddington hospital in Lagos. The cause of death was said to be from hypertensive heart disease.

And so ended the life of a radiant star. However, Goldie still lives on because the ripples she caused while alive still lingers through. After her death, her label owner, Kenny Ogungbe, and friend Derenle came out to share memories of Goldie and how she impacted lives.

Here’s to a life lived to the best. A life that shared grace, talent, resilience, courage and humanity with us. Goldie was evidence that life can and should be lived at your terms. Shine on bright star.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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