“I Am The Biggest Artist In Nigeria” – Davido, As He Speaks on Beef With Wizkid

The answer was Yes!

Interviewer (Bolanle Olukani): Do you think you are the biggest artist in Nigeria?

Davido: Yes I am (Backed up from being camera) I am, they know, it’s on paper.

This was the conversation as it happened.

The interview went on to where the singer revealed his current relationship with Ayo, Wizkid, and why he sent out congratulatory messages on ‘Made in Lagos’. While the act may have been seen as cruise, David Adeleke clearly stated that it was nothing more than a congratulatory message.

He further revealed that he is and has long been in possession of Wizzy’s private number but has never reached out to his colleague. He also addressed the fact that they’ve been friends for long, but never shared a studio session.

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Now let’s go back to Davido’s acclamation. Declaring himself as the biggest artist in Nigeria: does this call for war from all top artists? Will the newbies join in? How about Burna? Would he take it well? Will Wizzy finally reply? Is Wizkid FC ready for this fight?

So many questions. Allow us join in:

“Was Davido right in his self-acclamation?”

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