Singer Teni Reveals Her Greatest Goal

Singer Teni Reveals Her Greatest Goal, Check it out

Singer Teni has thrown some of her fans into a deep cultural shock as she reveals her greatest goal.

Replying a twitter user who tried to drag her for not being able to cook for herself at her age and also being a woman, Teni clapped back.

According to the user, it’s a shame that the singer cannot cook.

Responding without recourse to what anybody might think or say, Teni drew the ear of the user saying her greatest goal as at now is for her to just relax and be taken care of.

Typing more she noted that she did not come to this life to suffer but to enjoy herself.


Such mature reply yea?

See exchange of words:

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Who would not want to relax and be fed with the best of foods?

Come to think of it, is it a must for a woman to cook for herself before she eats? Some asked.

Besides that, would it be bad if Teni really get domesticated a bit by doing the needful before she finally gets hooked, maybe?  Many argued.

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What do you think about this?

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