Davido’s Crew Member Speaks On Living In Lagos And Abuja

Davido’s Crew Member Speaks On Living In Lagos And Abuja

While Davido has been silent about a lot of things following the urgent call received from Fans about the release of “A Better Time” album in no time, his aides are ensuring DMW keeps binging on social media.

Recently raising a very interesting topic on social media, one of the crew members of Davido named Israel speaks on Lagos and Abuja.

According to Israel, the crave to show off as a Lagosian or a resident of Abuja is the reason many people are wallowing in poverty.

He insinuated that there is nothing special about staying in these cities as a lot can succeed in the villages.

See his words:

“I live in Lagos, I live in Abuja, is making some people to suffer unnecessarily. They could have made it big in their villages.” 

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How true could this be?

Despite the hustling and buzzing in Lagos and Abuja, are the opportunities in these cities not on a par?

What do you think about this?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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