Questions From Beyonce’s ‘The Gift’ Album

Beyonce’s The Gift Album still leaves many unanswered questions. We got to see lots of featured artists in a different creative light; The African Way. However, the question of why the singer chose Africa this time is still up.

One may argue that the Movie, Lion King, was set in a certain fictional African jungle and so, it was only normal for the album to represent the generic African sound, Afrobeat. On another hand, you may say the star singer was trying to tap into the African market due to the recent international recognition Afrobeat has garnered. Whichever way it may seem, the album had a concentration of African sounds and languages.

Beyonce for Vogue 2020

Before Beyonce’s Album, The Gift, the singer no doubt had collections of songs under the r’n’b/ afrocentric genres. So, why did the singer suddenly feature an album centred on AFROBEATS?

Wizkid, Made in Lagos, 2020

When the classic hit ‘Brown Skin Girl’ was released, it was widely accepted by people around Africa. It soon became an anthem for black people around the world. Some attribute the success of the single, in Africa, to her feature with afrobeat star, Wizkid. Others would say it was a black anthem and Africans loved it.

From the singles to the successful album, it was undeniable that the track record in Africa was commendable. Was this because of a long line of featured African artists, African languages and Afrobeat sound? Or, was it just meant to be?

Lion King Movie

In all, regardless of Beyonce’s reason for featuring Afrobeat in ‘The Gift’, one thing is sure “The Future is Afrobeats.”

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