What Tiwa Savage Said About Herself In This Interview Will Shock You

What Tiwa Savage Said About Herself In This Interview Will Shock You

The female music empress will obviously not stop getting her fans emotional with her story prior to stardom.

Speaking in an interview recently, the Tiwa Savage opened up on childhood days and how she got into the music industry.

According to her, she did not live her childhood here in Nigeria as she was moved to London at the age of 10 where she was bullied like an orphan.

” I was bullied to the extent that I attempted committing suicide twice in my young age” – She revealed.

“I hated my skin color so much that I almost wanted to ruin my life through bleaching and all sort of things. When I got to school, it was horrible and I had an accent. My first day I clearly cannot forget. I got to school late and my teacher couldn’t pronounce my name. She then asked why I was late to school and I said ‘sorry ma there was go slow.’ Everyone started laughing. I was teased so badly.”

“They use to call me ‘African girl’ ‘Fufu’, ‘We heard your food smells badly’ it was so bad that I literally tried to kill myself two times. I was depressed and bullied. They would flush my hair down during lunch break. At some point, I use to have a police escort me to the bus. I wanted to bleach and started growing my hair. It was really terrible.” – She recounted.

Speaking on how the journey into music was, Tiwa shocked the interviewer saying her first attempt into singing was because of a boy she was in love with at the age of 15.

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This led to auditioning for a singing program at her school in which she wowed the school. 

Shortly after, she was informed about a gig where she snagged an opportunity to sing backup for George Michael and that was how she became a star at her school.


Who would have thought Tiwa Savage had been enjoying stardom right from 15?

Who would have thought that she will do well in Nigeria just as she indeed made a good wave in “ObodoOyibo”?

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What do you think about her story and her current reality in the Nigerian music industry?

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