30 Days Fasting Is Not The Solution To Nigeria’s Problem – Samklef Blast Adeboye

30 Days Fasting Is Not The Solution To Nigeria’s Problem – Samklef Blast Adeboye

Attempting to blame the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye or the music producer, Samklef on their stand to what could solve Nigeria’s problem will be utterly wrong as both side speaks.

Afrobeats360 gathered that both Pastor Adeboye and Samklef took different stand on the next step towards a better Nigeria.

For Adeboye, it is needed now that Nigerians go on a 30 days fast to bring the nation out of its shackle of slavery.

However, Music producer Samklef negates.

According to him, 30 days fasting is not the solution of Nigeria’s problem.

Taking to his social media page, Samklef noted that change of mentality is what Nigerians needs to change the country.

I believe in God and one thing I know for sure is that God is not that wicked. Nigerians have been praying for 60 years.. we don’t need fasting we need to change our mentality stop worshipping money, pastors, imam and politicians simple.” 

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Was that all?


Samklef reveals more:

Is Osinbajo not a redeemed pastor? Make him fast for 100 days and 100 night. Dry. I was baptized in redeem… the moment they gave my uncle that maltreated me and made him a deacon I stopped believing in some pastors. I found God myself since then have been good. All this men are normal men jo!”


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