What Brymo Said About EndSARS Protest Will Shock You

What Brymo Said About EndSARS Protest Will Shock You 

While Nigerians are trying to heal from the speech of President Muhammadu Buhari that got them speechless, Brymo has come out to reveal something.

According to Brymo, the EndSARS Protest is already a failed endeavor because of one thing which led him to be utterly silent about the protest.

What exactly is this one thing?

For him, he said being quite about the whole struggle is because he knows that most people running here and there about the suffering of Nigerians do not really care.

Did this go down well with Nigerians on Twitter?


Mr. P, Timi Dakolo in tears as EndSARS Protest goes bloody in Lekki, check it out

According to them, Brymo should shut his mouth and remain quite as he has been since the struggle started.

See his words and the response he got:


Should he really be quite?

Besides, who are these some people that Brymo is referring to?

Check out what Peter Okoye said about EndSARS Protest recently

Don’t we need all the voice we can have right now?

What do you think about this?

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