War Of Words: 2Face In a Battle With BlackFace On Twitter

War Of Words: 2Face In a Battle With BlackFace On Twitter 

For every season, Nigerians always have one thing or the other to entertain themselves with, no doubt.

Recently turning the viral videos of shot EndSARS Protesters secondary, 2Face and singer Black Face takes over Twitter in a fresh war of words.

What caused the battle between the former team mates?

Afrobeats360 gathered that the lashing at each other started when Black Face called out his colleagues for their silence on the upheaval in the nation.

This is following the posts of 2Face on same Twitter where he questioned why Nigerians defied the happening in the nation to still go to work.

Reacting to the words of 2Face, Black Face slammed him for not reasoning before asking Nigerian questions about how they should leave their lives for survival.

Did that go down well with 2FACE?

Check this out what Peter Okoye said about the EndSARS Protesters killings


Quoting them Inter alia, See the exchange of words from the beginning to the end and how fans and followers came into the picture to settle the dust.


This sounds too raw and hash, right?


Did Black Face reply this?

Well, he is yet to.

Stay logged on while we bring you the follow up gist.

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