My Father, Mother, and My Sister Is Dead – Samklef Reveals

My Father, Mother, Died Is Dead – Samklef Reveals

My Father, Mother, and My Sister Is Dead - Samklef Reveals

You know what they say about sad stories right?

Samklef’s story is definitely one story that will bring tears off your eyes if you don’t hold strong.

Sharing his story amidst the #Endpolicebrutality struggle, the Nigerian Music Producer, Samklef, reveals nobody is left in his family aside him and his brother.

According to him, his father, Mother and younger sister has died, leaving just the two of them.

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While this is very sad to hear, the producer defied the fear of losing his life too as he said he doesn’t care whose ooze is goared that he will keep speaking the truth no matter what.

Proclaimimg the EndSARS anthem, he conveyed that the truth right now is for the federal government of Nigeria to EndPoliceBrutality.

See his words on Twitter:

Was that all?


Samklef further revealed that his father fought a good fight by serving the nation as an airforce man while he was alive, so he would too for the nation to change.

See his tweet:

“My father served this country as an airforce man. when he died 1996 I left the base immediately. 2 many faulty systems… I remember we use to buy food on credit.. I had create my own part I built my self from nothing. “ 


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Such a story right?

Now that we know a little about Samklef’s unshared story.

What do you think about him and his works in the  music industry?

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