“How Enugu State Governor Almost Killed Us” – Rapper, Phyno

As the fight for the Nigerian dream continues across Nigeria, more cases of injustice and threat to life are coming out. Today, Nigerian rapper, Phyno popularly known as “Phynofino” took to his social media to express his greviances towards the Enugu State government.

He tweeted:

“Enugu! ūüó£Today our lives were threatened and we are making it clear that if ANYTHING happens to any single one of us or any protestors, let it be known that it was done by the ENUGU STATE GOVERNMENT!”

He further revealed the outcome of their encounter with the state Governor which proved futile.

Soul singer, Flavor, seemed to have been present during the events and is willing to reveal everything that happened during the #EndSARS Campaign in Enugu.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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