Mayorkun’s Contribution To EndSARS Protest Will Shock You

Mayorkun’s Contribution To EndSARS Protest Will Shock You

As the Nigerian youths continues the registration of their grieviances through the EndSARS Protest, Mayorkun has proven that he is indeed a Signee of Davido who has been known to be very generous.

Proving that nobody should lose life or property in the peaceful protest, Mayorkun has decided to reach out to the man whose can was vandalized during the protest.

In case you didn’t know, a video of a man weeping about his shattered car went viral on social media, on seeing it, the singer requested the contact of the man immediately and he got it.

While it is not clear yet if Mayorkun will buy another car for the man or bless him with something else entirely, fans and followers are appreciating the singer already.

To followers, merely requesting the contact of the man is a huge contribution to the EndSARS protest from Mayorkun.


Yes, they praised him.

Click to check out what Mayorkun said when he first joined the protest

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Bright M. Esagbodje

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