Speaker House Of Reps Confirms The Release Of Oxlade’s Manager From Police Custody

Picsmix of the speaker house of Representatives, Oxlade and his manager Ojahbee

The speaker of the Nigeria house of Representatives– Femi Gbajabiamila confirms the release of Oxlade’s manager– from police custody.

Earlier on, Afrobeats360 brought you news that fast rising act Oxlade and his manager–Ademola Ojabodu popularly called Ojahbee were among the casualties of the #Endsars protest held in Surulere  Lagos today.

Ojahbee photo credit: Twitter

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While the singer sustained an injury during the peaceful protest, his manager was arrested and taken to the Area C command police station in Surulere.

Having received the news of what happened to the singer and his manager, tweeter users, celebrities like Ybnl boss– Olamide, BankyW and other well meaning Nigerians  took it as a point of duty to ensure that hashtag #freeOjahbee trends and requested for his immediate release from the government.

Well from all indication, it is clear that the government listened to this plea as the speaker of the house of Reps recently took to Twitter to confirm Ojahbee’s release together with the six other protesters that were arrested too.


Awesome! This is proof that our voices are being heard and we shouldn’t be scared to speak the truth and demand justice.


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