Davido Vows To Marry Chioma, See Why

Davido Vows To Marry Chioma, See Why

For all it may seem, Davido and Chioma are two love birds that can never be separated no matter what.

Recently re-igniting the “Chivido” conversation again on social media, Davido dropped a video which had him gushing over how much he loves Chioma.

In the video, the Assurance crooner was asked why he has decided to marry Chioma, then Davido said:

“My fiancĂ©e, Chioma is the most beautiful woman in the world, she is so caring that she looks out for me and my guys”.


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That’s not all!

Davido continues, revealing that before he eats, Chioma would have made sure to serve their security man, including every other person.

Attesting to the words of Davido, the DMW crew members noted that the young chef always makes sure that they all have food to eat and that she arranges the house too. 

Oh really?

Chioma arranges the house?

Who wouldn’t be shocked?!

But wait o, is this in any way a confirmation that Chioma is secured with Davido?

Does it brush aside the gossips that she might end up as a baby mama?

If not, what is Davido waiting for to tie the knot?

What do you think about this?

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