See What Afrobeats Stars Are Say About The SARS Problem

There have been a lot of talk of extrajudicial killings of Nigerians by the police in the country, especially the youths and it seems to have intensified of recent, with one report after the other of victims as a result of this.

The social media were all agog over the weekend, as Nigerians cried out en masse showing their displeasure with over the unscrupulous activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

From the ordinary man to the not so ordinary, everyone had a thing to say, and the hashtag “End SARS” trended like wildfire so much that the powers that be had to release a statement no long after, indicating that they’ve listened to the voice of the people.

The statement below encompassed by all the decisions taken by the authorities

The aftermath of it all saw a lot of diverse opinions, with many cheering, while others remained skeptical, choosing to wait and see if it wasn’t just a mere statement.

A cross-section of Afrobeats celebrities had a lot to say before and after the statement released by the Federal Government. While some of them stopped at expressing their opinions, others went as far as calling for immediate protests.

Below are what they had to say:

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Meanwhile, this tweet from Wizkd which served as a catalyst for many others to have their say opened the flood gates for everything else. While many praised him, some however had their reservations, stating that the message could wasn’t sent with tact.

The fire ignited as a result of the unrest is yet to die down and the voice coming out of the mouth of Nigerians is mainly that of hope, everyone is hoping this plague is really coming to an end.

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