5 Reasons Why YBNL Is Dominating In 2020

Record labels play a huge role on how well an artist and their art is presented to the world. Not withstanding, there are artists who work their way up without a label. Maybe we’ll run a feature on those someday. Today is all about the labels and their successes when it comes to Afrobeat.

2020 definately has been a good one for YBNL. The label seems to check all the boxes when it comes to giving the audience what is needed and, also switching it up from what was. So, what has YBNL done differently this year to come out on top?

Let’s count it up to five, shall we?

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1. Sound

When the initial concept for YBNL came to light, people thought “oh….For the Street”. The popular opinion was that the sounds from the label would be directed to a particular audience. Well, YBNL broke that stigma. With artists like Adekunle Gold and Fireboy, we have seen albums that draw all types of people. They have developed some generic sounds that can’t but be appreciated.

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2. Art

Makeovers, style, photoshoots…..the concepts are amazing and artistic. What’s not worth looking at with AG Baby’s, new look? Or Fireboy’s look, album covers, and music videos Speaking of music videos…..that takes us to number three.

3. Music Video

Music videos make songs better than they were. Or….they should. YBNL has developed a dynamic to telling a musical story without restraining on the use of art. We’re talking black queens, African accessories, hairstyles and style, artist expressions, video concepts and editing. Everything has taken our shoes off this year.

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4. Albums and Covers

Albums tell an artists’ story and their covers paint the picture. Get it?

With YBNL and the over two successful albums they have released in 2020, the truth is obvious. They have crafted a true representation of their artists. The idea gotten from every album is one where the genius of an artist is not influenced or suppressed.

“Hey, there’s a mic….Do your thing”

That’s the vibe. Turns out great!

5. Artist Management

After the art comes presentation, promotion and every other thing. Well, you don’t need it spelt out, do you? The management for YBNL artists have been obviously record breaking. Social media presence, carrying fans along and consistency.

“Keep em hungry, then feed em”

“Keep em grateful and wanting more”

“Keep em loving you”

What more can we ask for? YBNL takes it for 2020!!!


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360