Anticipate! The Boss Series

Beyond being just a slang, the phrase ‘Afrobeats To The World‘ has continued to live up to its name, spreading across boundaries, breaking limits, and creating a high standard for the music genre- AFROBEATS.

African music as a whole has become a major force in the entertainment industry, and this, no doubt, is the byproduct of the hard work, selflessness and dedication of many passionate individuals, mainly at the background level.

To this end, here at Afrobeats360, we believe that the current rapid growth in the African music industry is a combined effort of not just the musicians, but also certain people who we do not always see on our screens, read on the newspapers and magazines or even hear about on radio- and this has birthed a hot fresh program we are launching in no time, titled – ‘The Boss Series’

Now You Get The Gist

If you talk about all the energies ‘behind he scene.’ Talk about the DJs, Promoters, Event Planners and the owners of various media houses. Then you talk about- ‘The Boss Series’

It’s All Division of Labour

Imagine top musicians without music shows to display their art. Without DJs to play their songs, ‘parte after parte.’ Without media houses to air their new singles/albums. Without influencers/promoters/hype men, and all the combined forces that push a talent ‘to the world.’

You won’t be wrong if you call these set of people- ‘the live wire’ of the industry. Most times unseen, but definitely an integral part of the in-house energy.

‘The Boss Series’ would indeed be:

  • a platform celebrating the silent movers and shakers behind the scene.
  • and also, a program to bridge the gap between (music lovers) the audience and the unseen promoters, especially in the Afrobeat music industry.

A Glimpse of What To Expect

Many music lovers are die hard fans of ‘The Beat FM’ , they probably know all the programs and presenters, and enjoy everything beautiful the radio station has to offer. However, only a handful of this audience know that Chris Ubosi is the brain behind not just ‘The Beat FM‘ but also ‘Classic FM‘, ‘Naija FM‘, and ‘Lagos Talks.’

Many others are steady viewers of MTV Base Africa enjoying major music updates, and juicy vibes, but not many know that Alex Okosi is the creative force behind it. Alex also stands as the energy behind the current refined quality of music videos in Africa, unlike a few years.

In ‘The Boss Series’, a name like Ayo Animashaun, a major promoter of African music in Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, Gabon, UK, U.S and beyond. He uses his platforms such as Hip TV, Hip- Hop World Magazine and the prominent Headies Award to do the magic!

The list goes down to every other radio station including ‘Cool FM‘, ‘WAZOBIA FM‘ ‘Nigeria Info‘ and ‘Arewa Radio‘ all popular among radio lovers who may not even know that Serge Noujaim, a Lebanese, London born ‘ajebo’ is CEO to all four stations.

On record labels over the years, these have really been the foundation for most music Starts today, and Obi Asika is one of the shakers of this sphere. He is an organizer of top concerts at university campuses across the UK. He is also chairman of Outsource Media, a platform that has partnered with top reality TV shows such as ‘Big Brother Nigeria’The Voice‘ ‘Ignite Africa‘ and many more. Mr. Asika in his versatility is the founder of Dragon Africa, and Executive Producer of the prominent conference – Social Media Lagos.

With over 20,000 attendees thus far, ‘Afronation‘ has stood as an event that continues to unite the African Diaspora using music, yet, just a few of these attendees or even general lovers of the show know that a young man called Adesegun Adeosun Jr. popularly known as – SMADE is the force behind this groundbreaking event. SMADE is a strong believer in the Afrobeats culture, and Icons as such ought to be celebrated as much.

Music production is another under appreciated sphere that would make the spotlight in ‘The Boss Series.’
The name Sunday Ginikachukwu Nweke, popularly known as Masterkraft would definitely be on this list. As his name screams, ‘Masterkraft’ remains one of the multi talented in the industry. His craft as a Music Producer is complimented by him also being a disc jockey, pianist, song writer and band director. This and more is what the ‘The Boss Series’ will specialize in. – Revealing more than the surface.

Clarence Abiodun Peters is one of those who have carved a high profile niche for himself. This has continually been made evidence via the excellence he displays in his art. Beyond being an ace music video director, what else do you know about him? A filmmaker? Yes. A cinematographer? Yes. But did you also know that Clarence is the son of the legendary Afro-Juju music star, Sir Shina Peters? Did you know he is the owner of Capital Dreams Picture and Capital Hills Records? Did you know he was the director of 40 episodes in the then popular TV series ‘ Everyday People‘ ? Did you know, he shot the music video for Shuga’s theme song?
The list is seemingly endless, and this, we would deeply explore in ‘The Boss Series.’

Ever thought about those who are the party mixers? The ones whose jobs are simply to creatively and continuously release all the end product energies in the industry. – The DJs.
However, sadly, these are some of the most underrated in the industry.
Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki, professionally known as DJ Kaywise is one of the Stars in this league. As a Creative who loves to ‘move outside the box’, DJ Kaywise held his first annual concert- JOOR Concert in January 2016. He has worked with top media houses like MTV Base, Afro Music Pop and Unilag FM.
Among his many feats are over 300 mixed tapes to his credit and a whopping 10 years of priceless experience in the industry.
In giving back to the society by mentoring up and coming DJs, the ‘Kaywise Academy’ was created.
No doubt there is more to this legend than you know, and ‘The Boss Series’ has got you covered!

Yes! All these are just the tip of the iceberg on what to expect in ‘The Boss Series’ as we dig deep beyond the surface of Afrobeats.

All Fingers Crossed.

More To Come!

Eden Benibo

Author: Eden Benibo

Eden Benibo, Deputy Editor & Writer at Afrobeats360. Also a poet & lover of music adorned with edible lyrics. She believes Music & Poetry are like twinkling stars to dark nights

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