Yemi Alade Lashes Out About Love and Cheating

Yemi Alade Speaks About Love and Relationship 

For every Nigerian star, speaking about Love and Relationship on social media admittedly reignites the attention they get from fans and followers.

Confirming this, Yemi Alade has garnered a lot of attention to herself, speaking about love, relationship and what she feels her fans should know about cheating.

According to Yemi Alade, it is unfair for people to always throw shades of blame at a woman when a man cheats in a relationship.

Expressing herself without holding back, the female singer averred that a woman who cheats just to get back at a man who cheated should never be blamed.

Shocking, right?

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Yes! She said so.

See her words on Twitter:

But why is it so easy to assume it’s the woman’s fault when a man cheats but when a woman cheats she is a sl*t ?.

β€œDon’t people realise that no matter how good you are,you might never be Completely enough for some people ,so they cheat. Its not your fault!” – She asserted.


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How correct is she?

Really, is cheating the best way to payback a cheating partner?

What do you think?

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