After the First Successful Single/Album, What’s Next?

There are millions of people with the dream of making it big in music some day. Some dreams get forgotten, some lost, many fight for their dreams, some never make it, some give up along the way and some eventually make it. It is not a straight and sure road to stardom. However, facts point to the fact that remaining in the spotlight is harder than being in the spotlight. Several sit-downs with Nigerian celebrities have brought up the topic of “Maintaining Relevance” when it comes to the industry.

So, how can an artist maintain relevance in the industry?

How to Survive Longer in the Afro Music Industry

During a live Q and A on Twitter with singer, Waje, she was asked about her biggest difficulty in the industry. She replied

“Maintaining relevance in the industry is more difficult than becoming relevant in the first place”

She further explained that making it big in the music industry is significantly easier than retaining relevance over a long period of time. She couldn’t be more right.

There have been some huge hits after which we didn’t hear from the artist again. Did they see quit due to the pressure that comes from fame or, did people stop caring? What really happened to artists like Bracket, J Martin’s, May D, and others. Artists who reigned with their household singles and some lucky ones who got their names at the tip of our tongues but maintained the spotlight.

It may seem a though the beginning of every Afrobeat artist’s career is like a fragile…… baby? You get the point. This then begs the question:

How can one maintain relevance in the Afro Music industry after the first successful single/album?

1. Maintain Your Orginality

People fell in love with something in your art. Maybe your sound, voice or other aspects. It is best to maintain your originality by remaining your true self. It pays in the long run. Trust us!

2. Consistency

A little break may cost you that attention. People thrive on consistency. When you make it big, you rest. For a growing artist, your only goal should be keeping your audience entertained with your music.

Let’s look at artists Chike and YBNL’s Fireboy who had huge success with their first albums. It is undeniable that they took little time in announcing their second studio albums. While Fireboys newest album, Apollo, is rocking every heart, Chike’s second is in progress and has already been announced.

3. Spin It Up

It is quite tempting to make another record similar to the first hit. If people loved the first, what are the chances they won’t love it again? Throw that thought into the trash where it belongs.

People get bored easily and are quick to jump on the next trend. That’s the human nature for you. Your best bet to remaining relevant would be to switch it up. Explore your creative side, and give the audience what they want. Be a trend setter and you’re well on your way.

4. Grow Your Fanbase

Getting to the level of am artist with a named Fanbase is the recipe for stardom. This means you get people who relate to you and are always in the lookout for your latest work. Getting to this level takes time but you’ll have to work towards building fan loyalty. Getting this is tricky but attainable.

A Little Secret: Sometimes, all fans want is to be noticed and appreciated. You just have to do your part by engaging your fans. It’s that simple.

5. Step up your PR Game

There is a reason why some artists spend longer making it to the limelight. To understand this, you’ll have to first understand the music business. Some labels dominate when it comes to public relations. What then should you do as am artist without a label?

Two things:

Take advantage of social media.

Social media is free and has an audience filled with millions of people. You could opt for the paid ads.


Advertising your music and brand is the best way to get a wide reach and keep your music relevant.

What is the best way to advertise?

Online advertisement through blogs and music websites is the most efficient.

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Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360