I Need 5 Million Dollars To Change The World

Artiste Brymo has come on social media to ask for the sum of 5 million Dollars.

According to the musician whose last body of work, was the album Yellow, with 5 million dollars, he would release two albums that will make the world stop and sing forever.

He said he would do this in the space of 3 years and remit the lions share on the two albums.

Brymo also asked Twitter users to forward the message to their rich parents or business people they had in the music industry.

However, when asked what he would do differently by Ayo Jaguda, creative director of Jaguda.com, Brymo avoided the question.

Instead, he retorted by asking if Ayo Jaguda had the money to fund him.

Will Brymo get his funding? Is his last body of work strong enough to pull investors? We anticipate.

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