Why Tolani Otedola Is Not About That Celebrity Lifestyle

There are a few people who would find it surprising that there is a third Otedola girl. Not only that, she is a musician. Surprising right? Is it possible to be in music, have all the resources to be famous and still remain private? Well you can when you’re an Otedola.

Who is your daddy?” -DJ Cuppy

Teni Otedola is a gifted musician who has a pure afrocentric sound and vibe. However, it may seem as though the singer has chosen a life of fulfilled privacy. The question on every lip is:

Why Did Tolani Choose To Ignore The Spotlight?

Tolani reveals that this year has turned out to be the

“hardest year of her life”

The writeup seemed like a clear door into the singer’s life clearing the widely accepted narrative that

“Rich people have no problem”

So, until our third Otedola lady is ready to share her life and music with us, we’ll just have to wait.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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