Davido Speaks On His Mental Health, Reveals Why He Unfollowed Everybody On Instagram

Davido Speaks On Life During His Social Media Break, Reveals Why He Unfollowed Everybody On Instagram 

To clear the air on the reasons he took some time off social media, the music star, Davido, has revealed a lot to fans and followers.

In a recent interview, according to the singer, he had to leave social media because it became very necessary for him to clear his head after 9 years of tours after tours.

Davido said the 14 week break was crucial as the many activities that he was into got to him so much that he knew it was time to go off.

While saying he did not know he would spend as much time as he did, the “Fem” crooner said the break really helped him recover from the buzzing and impact of COVID-19.

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Quoting him, the king of 30 Billion said:

There was a lot going on. I was on tour. I was on the road for nine years and it took a toll on me for like a month and I thought that I need a break. Even I was telling myself that it was just going to take a week. But I thought that if I don’t slow down now, it may end in me breaking down because I’m a very strong person. If I break down, imagine how many people that I’m taking care of will break down as well.”

“And it helped. I can’t tell you how happy I have become. I won’t say I’m a different person but I used to wake up at 9 pm because I’d record all night. I can’t sleep because I had things on my mind and then Coronavirus.” – he noted.

Revealing how much mind-freedom he got from his days off social media, he added:  

I have never been at home for that long before. And I thought that if I have to do this, I have to get off social media. So, just stepping back really helped me a lot”.

The singer spoke on why he unfollowed everybody on his Instagram handle, saying he had to do that because “life happens.”


Just life happened?

Well, aside that, isn’t the come back of OBO thrilling?

We bet it is!

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