“My Fans Count On Me Staying Strong”- Davido Reveals Mental Health Struggles

Besides his strong anthem, FEM, rocking Africa today, Davido had a lot to say regarding his struggles with mental health. Well, that’s putting it in straight words. The star revealed during a radio interview with The Beat 99.9fm how he needed to stay strong regardless of life’s hurdles.

It is no NEWS that the OBO had been silent for a long time owing to some rumoured mental health issues. Don’t we all have down times?

This even started after the star moved into his newly acquired banana island mansion. He did have an ankle injury, some alleged relationship troubles and downtime. These led to the famous:

Turning off my phone and changing my number

I deserve some ‘me time’, I’m taking some cleansing time

Davido To Star In Hollywood Movie, Coming To America 2

Anyways, while fans were awaiting the comeback of their Afrobeat champ, Davido FC did not relent in telling the world that they are 100% behind their fav.

What a comeback!

Davido hit the world by surprise with the release of FEM (full audio version and Music Video).

Download Davido’s FEM

Now a big hit, Davido had a sit down with The Beat FM Lagos, talking about his challenges before his big comeback. During the interview the star said:

If I break down, imagine how many more people will

There’s no doubt that there are millions of people looking up to the O.B.O and his remaining strong was for the best. Nevertheless, he is human. It is best to take some ‘me time’ and get your head in the game.

We have no doubt that Davido is back and stronger than ever.


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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