Check Out: Burna Boy’s Sister, Nissi Reveals Some Amazing Facts

What Nissi Revealed About Herself and Burna Boy Will Interest You

Burna Boy’s younger sister, Nissi has earned an entrance into the spot light as she speaks on her music and how Burna Boy comes to play in her life.

Extolling the African Giant in an interview, Nissi who is also a musician noted that her growing up with Burna Boy was very entertaining as she learnt a lot.

The female singer, who is also an engineer and artist revealed more while unmasking facts about her debut album, titled, “Ignite”, in which she featured nobody, not even her brother, Burna Boy.

See her words:

“Because it was my first project, I wanted people to understand me, and hear what I can do because, when you do features on your first project, people are confused as to who you are and even if the features are big features, people just glaze over who you are and I didn’t want that to happen. I just wanted to put out something that was just me.” 

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Saying more on how she manages to work around her many arts, Nissi said:

It works hand in hand, I studied engineering in university where I also started my own arts company and we are at the development stage for gaming and other things. I also started my own animation company because I have also been big on tech from way back. This just ties In with the music because, art needs music, animation needs sound, and vice versa. I’m just a creative person.” 

“`My sound is non-conformist. Non-conformist in the sense that you cannot say it is reggae, pop, or house or afrobeat. I’ll always delve into all lanes but I’ll also try to maintain is this dance smooth vibe that people can sensually receive my message through my music. I’ll say its afro rooted, globally positioned, and contemporarily driven.” 

Growing up in my family was just about me and Burna Boy doing our thing. Being mischievous and spontaneous,” 

Revealing the unheard-off about Burna Boy And how they both relate to their kind of music, Nissi  asserted:

Burna Boy has a sweet tooth. The guy likes sweet things. He’s also extremely protective especially of myself and my sister. He’s goofy.” 

“But there are times when there is a song and there is a progression and a chord and he’s trying to figure out what to do with it and because I’m the piano player, he asks of my opinion and he values my opinion. Sometimes, I send him some tracks to listen to and ask him for his favourite one and he gives me his feedback,”


Such such affection, right?

Do you think Nissi can ride on the shoulder of Burna Boy to stardom?

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