You Need Some Motivation? Listen To These 5 Nigerian Song

Despite the fact that most of Nigerian songs are always talking about love and living the good life, we still have few Nigerian singers that dedicate their time to give us songs that inspires us. Well, if you need a song to motivate you in whatsoever you are doing or going through, here are 5 songs you should listen to.

Victor AD ‘Tire you’:

Victor Adere is well known for his songs which are mostly motivational. He also added the track ‘Tire you’ featuring Davido, to encourage listeners not to settle for less, because without money one is going to ‘suffer financially’. The singer discouraged laziness and encouraged coming out and doing the right thing, making the right steps to a successful living. “Surfer nor dey taya you”? Is now a common slang around the streets of Nigeria and whenever you hear that you just want to hustle to end suffering.

Banky W ‘Ebute metta’:

So many people always look at their backgrounds to measure the level of success they will attain. If you’re in this group who think you can achieve so much because you are not connected to bigger names and from a poor background , you should get back to Banky’s “Ebute metta” and listen to the lyrics once more. I promise, you will change your mind.

Banky W encouraged us not to look at our backgrounds and push for whatever we want, that no matter where you are from or how your life is, you can attain the height of success you dream of if you are determined and hardworking.

P Square “Bring it on”:

Defunct duo Psquare used themselves as reference in this song, told us how they started from nothing and achieved great success. Psquare in the song; “I don’t care who you are, where you from, or what you do. Just as long as you chasing money, do what’s right never give up on it.” They also used the song to let us know the sky is big enough to accommodate everyone that wants to fly high. In other words, we should not for a second think there is no place for us up there.

MR 2 Kay ‘God Can Bless Anybody’:

Mr 2 Kay used himself and some other celebrities, who started from bottom to the top as reference in this song. He admonish us not to look down on anybody or even ourselves as God can bless anybody at anytime, no matter who you are or where you are from. Like he said in the song “rain nor fit fall for one person roof” God’s blessings will reach every one of us as long as we don’t give up on our dreams.

Simi “Aimasiko”:

A song by Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade and now by Simi. The talented singer encourages us not to give up even if it seems like God has forgotten us. Noting we should keep hustling and praying that one day it is going to pay of.

It’s September already, perhaps your dreams still feel farfetched. Hold on tight and look at the bright side of life Fam!

The Sun Shall Soon Shine!

Massive Love!!
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