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I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about how crazy Lagos is, how it isn’t a place for the sane. It makes you wonder what is it about Lagos that makes them talk about it so?

The inhabitants of Lagos paints it in such a way that Nigerians who have never been in Lagos fears the thought of having to move to it.

Lagos is like a country in a country. You know how Nigerian is diaspora paints the country as a crazy place, it’s exactly how Lagos dwellers or visitors from other states paints it.

If you ask 9 out of ten to depict Lagos with one word, they’ll most likely say “Crazy!”.

In this new music video by Falz the Bad Guy, we put visuals to the mental picture all the Lagos discussions with puts in our mind.

This video has a setting of a typical Lagos drama with every player on ground. The market women, the bus conductors, the tricycle drivers, the passengers, the pedestrians all play out what we often see in Lagos.

The phrase “One Trouser” itself is a popular term translating to fighting it out with whatever or whoever you have a dispute or disagreement with. So, in this video, everyone is literally going at each other.

The sharply dressed big man in a big car, The simpleton tricycle passenger played by popular Yoruba actor Abdulateef Adedimeji, the market women, traffic officials and of course Falz the bad guy all merge together to produce what you can rightly describe as beautiful chaos.

In his usual characteristics and way of talking about the society and his immediate surroundings, Falz has again hammered another nail right on the head. Perhaps the lesson from this video is like the one in that viral video of the little Nigerian boy pleading with his mother to calm down. Perhaps we all need to take things easy. But can Lagos ever calm down?

Once you watch it, you’ll agree that One Trouser is as colorful as it gets!

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