Twice as Tall: See Ghanaian Author’s Contribution

Iconic Ghanaian Author and Playwright, Ama Aidoo

Glaringly, “Twice as Tall” garnered a lot of admiration and screaming from music enthusiasts across the globe due to the contribution of different stars.

No doubt, Burna Boy featured quite a few in the album, however, the featuring of a renowned Ghanaian author named, Ama Aidoo seems to be winning the attention of many now.

The author who featured in the 12th song of the album, upscale the meaning Burna Boy passed as she spoke about imperialism and shaping a positive narrative for Africa.

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The song titled “Monster You Made” had Ama in a 23 second extract interview sharing her views about where Africa is coming from, where it is and where it could be.

In the interview, the author and playwright noted:

“Since we met you people 500 years ago, look at us, we’ve given everything, you’re still taking. In exchange for that we have got nothing. Nothing! And you know it.” 

See a video capturing all she said:

Amazing words right?

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Undeniably, she is an icon and “Twice as all” is projected to have more recognition due to this combo Burna Boy had with Ama Aidoo.

If not, what do you think?

Having listened to “Monster You Made”, tell us what feeling it erupted in you.

Bright M. Esagbodje

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