Simi Laments, Wonders the Relevance of Formal Education

Nigerian artiste, Simi is curious as to why young Nigerians go through formal education and cannot secure careers at the end of the day.

She took to her Instagram story on Monday, the 17th of August to air her grievances.

According to the new mom, it is funny that getting a formal education is still considered important when most people cannot remember what they have been taught in school and end up doing other things with their lives.

“Education system is so sh*t. Most of us can’t even remember what we were taught in all the many years we spent in school. People have potential and talent not tapped into because it is not prestigious enough,” she said.

“They spend years learning something they don’t care about. Forget something right after and end up doing something else with their lives. What’s the point then? Who did this to us?”

Simi is known for being vocal about prevailing social issues in the country.

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