Davido Now Has Another Jet to Brag About?

Davido, Adewale Adeleke Now Has Another Jet to Brag About?

The story of Davido and his family is undoubtedly one that reads “who God has blessed no man can curse” as one thing must be celebrated about them month in, month out.

Taking the front page on news platforms at present is the story about the new private jet the Adeleke’s just added to their fleets of planes.

Since Davido is currently on hiatus on social media, the family took through the page of his elder brother, Adewale Adeleke to anounce the arrival of the jet.

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Sharing the news with fans across board, Adewale Adeleke posted the picture of the new aircraft with a braggadocio caption that seem like Davido wrote it.

See photo and his words:

What’s poppin! Brand new plane just hopped in.” 


Based on the counting done, Davido’s family might be the Nigerian family with the highest number of private jets, right?

Maybe definitely!

Wait a minute, how sweet do you think this news would have been if it was Davido that shared it with the fans?

You want Davido fully back on social media yea?

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Anyway, see reactions to the news:

angelfamousofficial: “Adeleke Family just dey buy plane like say na Lexus Car….. Congratulations bro.” 

sirpablobaba: “Congrats to The Chairman HKN Music.” 

bg_ejike: “More grace chairman.” 

Davido Adewale Adeleke

henrykingokwuy: “May God keep blessing you guy’s men with Good hearts.” 

darlingautoltd: “Congratulations boss wish.” 

Joining the host of followers felicitating with the Adeleke’s, your glass against ours, cheers to Davido and his family on their new baby.

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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