You Smoke Too Much Weed – Fans Tell Wizkid, See Why

Fans and followers are beginning to come down on Wizkid for always wanting to play with their emotions with one thing or the other.

First, it was his upcoming album “Made in Lagos” which he said would be out by July but isn’t, as promised.

Now, Wizkid has come again with another tweet that threw his fans off entirely.

What exactly did he say:

According to Wizkid, Disney owes him $100M which is equivalent to 29Billion Naira.


Ridiculous right?

Just like one fan asked, what did he do for Disney that they’ll owe him such whopping amount of money?

Did this go down well with his fans?

Did they forgive him as they did with the album thingy?


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Showing that she has had enough of Wizkid’s emotional manipulation, a female fan “washed” Wizkid.

The fan identified Queen Bee said:

“Wizkid smokes too much, after hitting 3 Jumbo wraps of weed he will just tweet rubbish. Next thing you will hear “New album in 30 minutes”.


As funny as this might be, this is serious o.

Is it not true that Star Boy has been tweeting the unheard-off lately?

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What do you think about this?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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