See The First Young Congolese Artiste To Hit 100 Million Views On Youtube

Innoss’B is the youngest Congolese and first ever Kinshasha based artiste to hit the over 100 million youtube views milestone in the history of Congolese music. This was achieved with the hit single ‘Yope’ the remix. Here, he featured one of Tanzania’s dopest artiste, Diamond Platnumz.

Right from the days of traditional sales of music to the present day digital sales, the music business has no doubt been about the ‘numbers.’ This is why music artists take pride in the number of streams and sales their singles and albums are able to generate.

These days, a lot of African artists are able to achieve millions of streams/views due to the many different digital platforms available. This has made it possible for them to reach a wider audience.

However, so far, only a few acts like Davido, Yemi Alade, (both from Nigeria) and others have been able to achieve over 100million views from a particular song on one of the most popular digital platforms- YouTube.

This achievement is a huge milestone many artistes dream of.

With this, the latest addition to the ‘100 million views’ gang has got making Innoss’B on the news. The song equally makes the ‘number 1’ hit maker Diamond Platnumz the first ever east African artiste to have over a 100 million streams for a particular song on YouTube too!

Click the link below to see what this video that has over a 100 million views look

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