Erigga Preaches On ‘Choices in Life’

Joining the list of artistes who have taken up another portfolio to stay relevant, rapper, Erigga, is gradually becoming a motivational speaker.

Recently speaking on what could lead to the success of one person and failure for another, Erigga wowed his fans and followers.

According to the singer, perspective matters a lot to an individual’s success, as it determines what reality someone could have in the future.

Proving that he knows what he is saying, Erigga shares a story about two brothers who grew up with an alcoholic father – While one became an alcoholic, the other did not.

See his words:

Surprisingly, a lot of his fans and followers agreed with his words, confirming that perspective and choice matters to one’s future.

See reactions:


Recall that this is following his advice to men, on how to treat their exes. Here, he said men should keep giving their girlfriends money until they find another man.

Erigga the Preacher

While we might want to give a nod to his words about success, what do you think?

Would he do so well with this new preacher portfolio?

Do you think he is doing all of these to prep his fans and followers up for his ‘next big thing’ in the industry?

What do you even think of Erigga and his works?

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