Mr Eazi is Making African Music History

Mr Eazi 2020

Mr Eazi is making a strong move towards the future of music in Africa. CNN Africa reports that the star is in the process of creating a $20 Million fund to invest in African music creatives.

According to Eazi, his primary motivation is to provide financial support for artists. Eazi reveals to CNN that:

“Artists cannot go to banks to get money for their music because financial institutions don’t understand how to secure intellectual property.”

He claims that financial institutions in Africa don’t understand the music business and so they don’t invest in it.

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“They get it for physical properties but not for music. So, because not a lot of people understand the music business, there is no finance product for musicians”

He continues.

It sure is commendable that successful artists are making a move for future music creatives. What do you think about Mr Eazi’s big move?


Author: Quineth

Writer at Afrobeats360

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