Erigga Breaks The Table With His Advise To Men

Proving that he also has something to say about handling “entanglements”, Erigga has come out to dish out advise to men.

Speaking on how men should deal with their exes, Erigga blew the silence on social media up as he said the unimaginable.

What advise did he give?

The singer boldly told his fans and followers that maturity for men is when they keep giving their exes money until they find another man.

Wait, you didn’t get that?!

As in, Erigga advised men to continue taking care of their girlfriends by giving them money even after they break up.

See his tweet on Twitter:

“Maturity is when you break up with your girlfriend and you still give her money whenever she asks, and take care of her until she finds another boyfriend. True/False?”


Is this true or false?

While the women were saying yes, praising him, trust the men, they came down on him with their reactions.

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According to the men, Erigga needs Jesus.

See reactions:


But wait o, is it okay to continue “helping” each other even after break up?

What do you think about this?

Yea or nay?

Bright M. Esagbodje

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