Veteran Nigerian Writer Talks About Naira Marley’s Music

Since Naira Marley made his entrance into the Afrobeats scene, people have had a lot to say about him ranging from the positive to the downright negative.

And when people talk about Naira, a lot usually factors in, when they aren’t talking about his music and how it’s so awesome or downright disgusting, they’re taking about his morals or the lack of it, he and his “Marlian Empire.”

King Naira Marley as he was duly crowned by his herd of follows have certainly had his fair share of slaps and sometimes taps on the back like when famous songstress Asa declared on a Lagos radio station that she was a Marlian and it did raise a stir from those who thought that was unfathomable.

You’ll remember that Naira Marley recently requested that the man who did a perfect rendition of his song be found. Marley promised to reward the gentleman handsomely.

It wasn’t only Naira who was impressed by this video, as it trended far and wide. And it was after well-accomplished veteran writer and screenwriter Biyi Bandele saw the video that he said following about Naira Marley’s Mafo. He referred to the song as being sublime and poetic after a commenter quizzed him about the message of the song.

In his words: If it’s a message you’re looking for, you’ll find in it any message that you’re minded to look for. I personally don’t find any “message” in it…Well, it’s a celebration of Lagos, if you can call that a message. For me, it’s just first class poetry, some of the word play shouldn’t work but it does; it’s unforced. It should be corny but it isn’t, it’s utterly sublime. It makes a lot of pretty good verse out there sound pedestrian.

Biyi Bandele

Biyi was reflecting on how he cast Jude Chukwuka the protagonist of the video, who is actually an actor in a production few years back.

Jude Chukwuka

This is definitely another tap on the back for Naira Marley, right? First Asa said she was a Marlian, and now Biyi Bandele says his music is poetry, he called it sublime! I bet this will make the not so Marley lovers shift in their seats, especially that intellectual who is definitely going to feel betrayed, Biyi how dare you say that!

Lol, however you feel about Naira and his followers, whatever reservation or lack of it you have about his music, one thing is certain, Azeez Fashola isn’t about to stop giving us these live dramas, not anytime soon.

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