Samklef and Others Scared About Mr. Ibu’s Health

The superstar music producer, Samklef and other Nigerians scared about Mr. Ibu’s health due to his increasing Potbelly.

One of the interesting part of the social media is the jabs entertainers throw at each other to interest their fans and follows without recourse if it will hurt their fellow or not.

Recently, Samklef threw jabs at Mr. Ibu following his picture on social media showcasing his big Potbelly.

While it appears that Samklef took the picture and posted it on his handle to soften the day up with laughter for his followers, the post came off as if he was scared about the health of Mr. Ibu.

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See his post and caption:

Did this go as he planned it to go?


Nigerians, instead of laughing about the belly, became scared.

For Nigerians, the actors Potbelly is something to be worried about, as it is getting too big to be normal.

While a user slammed Samklef for body shaming the actor, some Nigerians reacted, advising Mr. Ibu to do something about his belly before it’s too late.

See few reactions:


But the belly though.

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Does this call worry or shade-throwing from Samklef?

Is it right to have posted his picture, captioning it as he did?

What do you think about this?

Bright M. Esagbodje

Author: Bright M. Esagbodje

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