“I’m Starting A Church” – Cynthia Morgan a.k.a Madrina

Cynthia Morgan a.k.a Madrina at the Ndani TGIF Show.

If you’re wondering what Cynthia Morgan is up to, there you have it. The singer revealed on the Ndani Tv’s TGIF Show that she plans on starting a church.

While on her 7th shot, the singer said

“You guys wanna get me high…..I be pastor ooo”

The singer later confirmed her statement when asked

“What are you working on at the moment?

She said:

“A lot actually….starting a church”

At later conversations, she made mention of being a prophetess which she explained as being a dreamer.

Well, guess music isn’t the only gift Madrina was bestowed with. We look forward to seeing how it turns out.

As an added gist, Madrina also listed Burna Boy as one of the people she would reccomend for the show.

Guess there’s no bad blood between the ex lovers. What do y’all think? Raise those conspiracy theories you’re so fund of.


Author: Quineth

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