Dbanj In Another Mess As Dellfire Calls Him Out

Dbanj In Another Mess As Upcoming Artiste Calls Him Out for being a disappointment

For all, it may seem it’s like village people does not want to give Dbanj breathing space this 2020, as he is being thrown from one frying pan to fire.

Adding to the issues he will have to deal with on social media, an upcoming artiste named Dellfire has come out to reveal how sour his relationship with Dbanj is.

Dellfire who won a contest organized by Cream platform in association with Dbanj, said as against what people think, Dbanj has never done anything to help his career.

He noted that in spite of doing all he could to win the contest, Dbanj did not keep to his promises to him as none of the agreement in the contract signed by him was kept.


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What that all?


According to the artiste, he noted that just like how Seyitan Babatayo took Dbanj up, he wanted to take Kokomaster up for being deceptive but was advised against it at that time.

Dellfire said he was told not to dare call him out as Dbanj is a big wig in the music industry who could end his career before he knows it.

See video where he revealed a lot about Dbanj:


Could Dbanj really do such?

Could Dellfire be saying the truth?

Isn’t it possible that the music star really did all he should but Dellfire still found it difficult to penetrate the music industry with his songs?

Or, is he really so good but Dbanj didn’t give him the assistant he promised in the contract for him to break out?

Could this be a way of getting back at Dbanj and winning the attention of the public ?

What do you think about all these?

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