Rape: Dbanj In Trouble As His Ex-Manager Speaks Up

Rape: Dbanj In More Trouble As His Franklin Amudo Speaks Up

Rape: Dbanj In More Trouble As His Former Manager Speaks up

As the sexual abuse saga continues between Dbanj and Seyitan Babatayo, more light has been thrown into the matter as the singer’s former manager narrates his side of the story.

Dbanj’s former manager named, Franklin Amudo, released a statement to open up following a video of him revealing the unrevealed about the rape allegation.

Saying he could not take the emotional unrest the matter had been giving him, Franklin Amudo noted that he was there on the 30th of December 2018 which Dbanj was said to have raped Seyitan.

Franklin Amudo m who released a statement on the rape issue

In the statement released, the ex manager asserted that as against what is being peddled on social media, he never connived with Seyitan to accuse Dbanj of rape.

Setting the record straight, Franklin Amudo disclosed that he truly invited Seyitan to an All-white event at Eko Hotel, and they shared seats with two of Dbanj’s friends identified as Ajia Mohammed and one Oyinda.

Supporting the story of Seyitan, he said Dbanj was to perform at Eko Hotel was lodged in Eko Hotel, while he and Ajia were lodged in a different hotel named, Glee Hotel.

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Seyitan Babatayo and Dbanj who was said to have raped her

Amudo said after the event, Seyitan said it was too late for her to return home and he offered her his hotel room at Glee, since he had made plans to return to his house because of an early flight to Accra the next day.

“I gave Seyitan the key-card to the room at the car-park of the hotel and left,” he said.


Going forward, the ex manager said on getting to Accra, he got a call from Seyitan saying she has been raped by Dbanj.

According to him, Seyitan’s words were shocking as Dbanj didn’t know his room number, neither did he have access to key card.

Franklin Amudo who speaks up on the rape issue between Seyitan and Dbanj

Reacting, he placed a call to Dbanj’s friend, Ajia, who was lodged in Glee Hotel with him to know what happened in his absence but was told the matter has been resolved as Seyitan was already given $100.

After that, he noted that he placed a call to Seyitan to hear from her but she spoke angrily on phone while noting that she has left everything in God’s hand because she does not want to go public.


Then why did she go public now?

Dbanj who got into more trouble as ex manager speaks up

Franklin Amudo revealed that before Seyitan went public she sent several messages to him saying Dbanj had no right to speak against Rape.

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Following this was the rape allegation online and people saying he is behind the scandal, of which, he is not.

So why is he just speaking up now?

Dbanj’s ex manager said he had to speak up now as the matter is putting financial, mental, emotional and mental strain on him which warranted his decision to give his account.


This is getting more serious, right?

Dbanj accused of rape by Seyitan Babatayo

Really, what does this version of the issue hold for Dbanj?

Freedom or more trouble

Does this point to the truth of the matter or otherwise?

Who is even saying the truth?

Dbanj or Seyitan?

While we bring you follow up on the saga, what exactly do you think about this and all in respect to the matter?

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