Korede Bello Drops It Like It’s Smoking Hot!

Since Korede Bello dropped Mi Casa Su Casa back in April, it has been an out pour of rave reviews, with Afrobeats fans professing a flood of love for the sweet love club song.

In a situation like this, what follows next is usually a video and trust me, the Korede herd of fans have done nothing but ask for it the longest time.

They’ve been yearning to get a peek into Mi Casa Su Casa, the abode of loving. Well, after what seems like enough teasing and enough holding back from Mr Bello, the doors to the house is finally wideopen and Mi Casa Su Casa is visible in all its glory.

Dishing out the most awaited piece of info via his social media handle, Korede announced the release of the video.

In a few words, he said; We’re officially live now!

Fans are toasting to this already, join in with your glass.

View this brand-new video here: https://youtu.be/dv1AClQrDeU

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